Ms. Orange- Chanel & Kimbo F1 Euro Goldendoodle Born Oct. 02, 2023

Harper- (name can be changed)

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Health Info

Ms. Orange is slightly dependent, slightly reserved, and has a middle of the road maturity and playful/active. She is slightly dependent, meaning she will go explore and play, but will come back often to check in with you and will do her best to keep you in eyesight/earshot. She would prefer to be near her people, but she can be content chewing on a toy or taking a nap nearby. She is slightly reserved, meaning that she may take longer to warm up to new things. She will be more likely to stay by your side and look to you for reassurance in a new situation. She may not be as interested in exploring new things and will instead be perfectly content to stay at home in her comfort zone. This can be great for a family who likes routine! A reserved pup can also be really great for people who have other shy/calm pets or friends and family members who don’t want a lot of interaction with your dog. Puppies are cute, but we know some people may be weary of dogs, so it’s nice for your great-grandmother not to be bombarded by a pup that’s too excited to see her when she comes to visit. A middle of the road mature puppy plays well with others and is good at taking social cues from her peers while maintaining a playful, energetic persona. She is playful, meaning that she will love playing with the family, kids, and/or other pets, and she will love to have “puppy sized” adventures!

Chanel is a stunning White Standard Poodle her personality slightly dependent, confident, mature, and playful. She’s exceptionally mature and very low maintenance. She loves to be the center of attention and is very eager to please. We are very hopeful she will pass on these wonder traits to her offspring.  She has passed all health clearances (hips, elbows, eyes, heart, VwD, Ne).

Kimbo, (Sire) is one of the world’s best English Cream Golden Retrievers  in the country. He was born from our vary own Rosie and  Koji. He is an absolutely stunning. He like all our Studs is almost PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to finally add him into our program. He also has passed all health clearances. He has a beautiful blocky head, thick coat and wonderful personality. Kimbo’s personality extremely gentle, loving, and affectionate. He is slightly independent, confident, mature, and has a nice average energy level. He is definitely one of the best stud dogs in the US today.

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Doggy Double Doctorate- 9 Months


Go-Home Date:
July 2, 2024

Doggy Double Doctorate- 10 Months


Go-Home Date:
August 2, 2024

Doggy Double Doctorate- 11 Months


Go-Home Date:
September 2, 2024

All The Pictures Below Are Of Ms. Orange

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6 Months Old

20 Weeks Old

16 Weeks Old

12 Weeks Old

8 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old


Ms. Orange has two top quality parents in Chanel and Kimbo. Click on their pictures for more information.