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Euro GoldenDoodles is proud to not only offer the highest quality English Goldendoodles around, but also one of the most personal experiences you’ll ever find in a breeder. Having a breeder you can trust is vitally important, and we are honored to be a part of your puppy buying process. Below is a collection of some of our reviews from around the web.

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Nancy M Parshley- “Oliver”

We just received our bundle of Love Friday night. He is perfect. Genny was amazing throughout the entire process. Oliver sleeps through the night- potty trained- calm – loveable. We have loved our other dogs but Oliver is so wonderful. Madly in Love! I can’t recommend this enough to anyone. We were well prepared and guided through the entire process. Oliver is too good to be true!

Jim Hynes – “Tasha”

Euro Goldendoodles are amazing ! Not only are they excellent breeders,
producing great puppies ,but that is only half the story. Their Training Institute creates well mannered calm puppies that made the transition to our home easy and enjoyable. Their video updates of training enable me to learn how to engage our pup when we brought her home. Their take home videos of our pup and video instructions were very professional done I could go on and on, but I must mention their obvious love for their puppies and their responsiveness. to my questions was special. Bottom line :I would never go anywhere else. I repeat-Euro Goodledoodles are amazing !

9/8 22 —-2 year followup post :
All of the above is as true as ever! Tasha still responds to commands as well as ever. We have followed their recommendations and we have a wonderful and healthy dog.
She is indeed a joy !

William Strader

Euro Goldendoodles maintains extremely high health and training standards, which produces top quality dogs. Their hard work, along with all of the love which they pour into each and every pup, is evident in every pup they raise. One of the best breeder/trainers in the game today – you can’t go wrong with Euro Goldendoodles!

Liz Greenberg- “Marley”

Eurogoldendoodle’s training program is amazing! It is everything described and more. We brought our Eurogoldendoodle pup home almost 1 year ago. He had 6 months of training before we got him- a “doggy doctorate”. From day one, Marley was beautifully behaved, calm and sweet. He is extraordinarily intelligent and can easily understand social situations. We often introduce him to new places and experiences- the dog park, dog beach, restaurants and bars that allow dogs, stores, etc. He is perfect at the vet and the groomer. He is cooperative, so sweet and affectionate – he is open to meeting anyone and is always a polite boy. He is playful, loving and sensitive. Marley just passed his AKC Good Citizen test and a more challenging test to be a volunteer therapy dog- he aced it! We would highly recommend Eurogoldendoodles! They are very professional and responsive and care deeply about the dogs they breed.

Mark H. – “Cosmo”

Beautiful, stunning, adorable, well bred and well trained dogs, with great personalities, with amazing and unmatched training, along with unparalleled customer service and responsiveness from Genny and Al, the owners.

With their regular videos and email updates, and the countless number of emails I sent that they responded to, or phone calls that they took, they were both there for us the entire way through our process, and we are definitely more hands-on than many. If they had pushed back, I would have understood but they never did and made us feel like family encouraging us to reach out more. I have never felt so at ease as I have with them, their staff, and with everything they’ve done. They really care for their dogs and customers.

I feel so grateful and fortunate having met them, and for getting our boy Cosmo from them! We can’t thank them and their staff enough. If I had more room in my home, I would have 10 more dogs from them tomorrow.

Update as of 1/5/2021: Our dog is 5 1/2 months now. I have never seen a sweeter, better tempered dog. Our friends and neighbors have puppies, and none are like our dog. I think it goes hand in hand with their wonderful and extensive training and the love and attention and each dog gets while they’re with Genny and Al.

Allison Thornton- “Leo”

We’ve had our Leo home now for three weeks. He has been a wonderful extremely loving and smart pup. Leo is a quick learner and it was evident he already had a jumpstart on housebreaking. Most importantly he is great with children and visitors. We love him!

Marisa McCue

We inquired about buying a Goldendoodle since our high energy, 2 year old Portugese Water Dog needed a playmate. We were able to choose our boy online, watch videos of his training and have him shipped via air to us! Everything about this process was smooth and done well. We received multiple emails on his care, food and supplements and how to keep up with his training.

We got our boy at 3 months and as a month has passed, out of all puppies I’ve been around, he is the most well tempered, happy and calm puppy I have ever seen. People can’t believe he’s only 4 months old with how mellow he is and how well he gets along with his brother! I would HIGHLY recommend Euro Goldendoodle for your next puppy! Thank you so much Genny and Al for all your help!!

Jim Newlin – “Apollo”

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Euro Goldendoodle to find our new puppy. We did extensive research into breeders before we chose them, and our decision has paid off tenfold. Our pup, Apollo, is five months old now and is so well adjusted. He is exceptionally smart and loves people and all other dogs. We are constantly complemented on how well behaved and beautiful he is.

A combination of pedigree, socialization and training provided by Genny and her team are most certainly responsible for this. We visited their state-of-the-art facilities multiple times and believe their approach to raising and training their puppies has proven itself to be unmatched. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is considering adding a new puppy to their family.

Georgia Bolinger

I love my new puppy! He socializes well and is a real cuddles boy!

Irene Dishaw- “Jasper”

I have had such a great experience with purchasing a puppy from Euro Goldendoodle! I have never had a breeder that was so informed about the goldendoodle and including me with the progress of Jasper with pictures and weekly updates. I armed with so much info about goldendoodles I feel confident I can continue with training when Jasper comes this Friday. I highly recommend buying a puppy from Euro Goldendoodles!

Karen Cooney Springer

I’m a little late leaving a review, as we picked up our now ten month old puppy, four months ago. We had such a great experience with Genny and EuroGoldenDoodles that I can’t leave it left unsaid. From our intial browsing through their website, to picking up our puppy, it couldn’t have been better. Our phone messages/emails were always returned promptly and Genny took the time to listen to what our needs and goals were, and suggested the perfect pup for us.

Our pup began service dog training two months and has breezed through the beginning classes due to the training he received from EuroGoldenDoodles. Everyone he meets is amazed with his calm demeanor and can’t believe a ten month old is so well behaved. When you pick up your puppy, you’re provided with a great amount of info covering everything you need to know about your new pup, his personal schedule, as well as tips and advice for getting him acclimated to his new home and continuing his training.

Genny also spent time with me going through the training commands and practicing working with him before we got on the road to drive home, which was very helpful. I emailed Genny with a question after we had been home with our pup for over a month. Her response time was just as quick as it was when we were initially looking. I’m sure it would be the same any time in the future as well.

Whether our puppy is running around the yard acting like a big goof, or taking his service dog training as serious as any seasoned dog, he has been a great addition to our family. You can’t go wrong with EuroGoldenDoodles and I highly recommend them.

Noël Genao – “Alfred”

We had a wonderful experience working with Euro GoldenDoodles and picked up our beautiful puppy, Alfred, in January 2018. Alfred is an incredible dog. Now one year old, he is healthy and smart with the sweetest disposition. He loves meeting new people and dogs, and hanging out together as a family. In fact, that is when he is happiest. You can really tell how much effort goes into the entire process of creating and raising these gorgeous puppies.

We elected to have Alfred spend 4 weeks at Puppy Academy and really feel that it made all the difference. When he arrived (12 weeks), he was already familiar with basic commands and walking on a leash. This foundation has only helped us train him further. As I mentioned earlier, he is very smart and picks up commands quickly.

We were in touch with Euro GoldenDoodles during the entire process, getting regular updates and photos before we brought Alfred home and even during the first few weeks after bringing him home (first time dog parents). Genny was always extremely responsive and gave us great tips on how to get him adjusted. I would highly recommend working with this breeder.

Linda Kordell Hruska – “Zoey”

We extensively researched goldendoodle breeders before deciding to use Euro Goldendoodles. Our decision to become part of the Euro Goldendoodle family has paid off tenfold!

We decided to make the trip from New Jersey to North Carolina by car. We picked up our girl, Zoey, an F1 goldendoodle, at twelve weeks old. We were able to meet Zoey’s parents, Emma and Kai while we were at the Euro Goldendoodles impressive facility. This was something special for us! The Mom and Dad were beautiful and had the most impressive dispositions.

After picking her up we had a 2-1/2 hour ride to our hotel and she was wonderful, sleeping most of the way! The thought of the overnight stay at the hotel with a 12 week old pup was anxiety producing to say the least! It turned out we were worried for nothing. Zoey behaved as if she was with us from the day she was born! She played, ate and slept through the night! She went potty outside the entire time we were at the hotel with no accidents what-so-ever. The next morning we embarked on our 10-hour ride home. We stopped roughly every 2 hours for her to go potty. The rest of the ride she slept without making a sound!

Zoey is now turning 16 weeks old. She is the most stable, gentle, smart, and intuitive dog we have ever had the pleasure of raising. Everywhere she goes, people are impressed with her beautiful demeanor and great manners. She has interacted with friends and family from the age of 5 to over 80. Zoey is so respectful of her surroundings and aims to please with everything she does. The best part of this is that she still retains her spunky puppy personality! She makes us laugh every day, all day.

We have been around long enough to know that our girl Zoey has not gotten to this level of accomplishment by accident. Euro Goldendoodles cares about the Goldendoodle breed. They are very careful with the breeding process, paying careful attention to the breeding pairs temperament and genetics. Their breeding and training program is outstanding and produces stellar puppies!

Euro Goldendoodles blessed us with a well-trained, well rounded, emotionally stable puppy. To be able to bring home a puppy that has transitioned so well into our lives and seamlessly went from the breeder to our home is priceless. Euro Goldendoodles training and desensitization process delivered a puppy that can be touched anywhere, is not fearful of loud noises, is a pro at traveling in the car, can go to the vet or groomer without a fight and can mingle with old and young alike.

We whole heartly recommend Euro Goldendoodles! Genny and her team are trustworthy professionals that are producing, by far, the most superior dogs we have ever seen. Euro Goldendoodles truly means that you will become part of the family. The after-sale care is something they should be extremely proud of. All of my follow up questions are always answered promptly, and they go out of their way to make sure concerns have been answered.

Probably the best thing we can say about our relationship with Euro Goldendoodles is that we would do it all again, in a heartbeat! We can honestly say, without hesitation, that Zoey and the way she was trained and prepared was worth twice the price!

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