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Euro GoldenDoodles is proud to not only offer the highest quality English Goldendoodles around, but also one of the most personal experiences you’ll ever find in a breeder. Having a breeder you can trust is vitally important, and we are honored to be a part of your puppy buying process. Below is a collection of some of our reviews from around the web.

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Susan Avalos – “Axl”

We are so so happy with our puppy Axl!!! We picked him up at 4 months of age and he has been a perfect furry addition to our family. The training he received from Genny was completely worth the time and money.

We had asked Genny to suggest a very gentle, low-key pup for us. Axl was an excellent choice! We really needed him to be easy to handle, as our son has some difficulty walking and can be unsteady on his feet. Axl is so easy to walk and he’s very gentle, loving, friendly and fun. He likes every person and every dog he meets!

I’m so glad we found this breeder – we have a very very well-trained, sweet, cute-as-heck new family member and we couldn’t be more pleased with Genny’s professional help and expertise. The process was always clear, with lots of detailed information and timely responses. We’ll definitely do this again with Euro Goldendoodles!

Susan Avalos

Hilda Chedel König- “Lucy”

We are absolutelly thrilled with our Eurogolden doodle Lucy . Lucy was trainned until she reached 20 weeks of age. Then flew to our home in Luzern, Switzerland . Her behaviour is outstanding, she has adapted brilliantly and everybody in our city admires her for her beauty and great behaviour. Thank you Genny and Al for a fantastic process and all your professionalism to give us the most amazing girl

Hilda Chedel König

Risa Turken Schessel- “Sam”

Euro Golden doodles is almost too good to be true. Not only did we get the sweetest and most beautiful Golden doodle from them, but every step of the process was a pleasure. Genny, the owner, is a rare breed (no pun intended), she truly loves these dogs and it is important to her for the right dog to go to the right home. She does not breed a lot of dogs and takes incredible care of each one. Sam, who we just brought home is the sweetest puppy we have ever met.

We chose to have Genny and Euro Goldendoodles train our pup for us and she kept him until he was 5 months old. We just brought Sam home and everyone who has met him (even our vet we went to today) tells us they have never seen such a well behaved puppy. Genny is still there to help us and ask us any questions the same way she has been the last few months since we decided to buy Sam. 

If we ever get another dog – there is no breeder I would every consider using. Thank you Genny for everything!

Risa Turken Schessel

Banaji Midu- “Sadie”

We love our dog Sadie from Euro Goldendoodles! Genny is an amazing trainer and Sadie is an absolute sweetheart:). Genny is a wealth of knowledge on her dogs and extremely committed to the care of her puppies. She gave us a lot of instructions, videos and information regarding taking care of Sadie. For a family that did not have a dog before Sadie came to us, we felt well prepared after Genny gave us step by step instructions. We cannot say enough good things about Genny.

We look forward to spending many more years with Sadie! Would definitely recommend this breeder and having well trained puppy at home just helps the family enjoy and create lovely memories.

Banaji Midu

Patricia Spagnoletti Patterson- “Stella”

We got our beautiful Stella doodle in July. She was 12 weeks old at that point and as sweet as could be. Stella is an F1 goldendoodle and is truly gorgeous with an amazingly sweet temperament. She was well socialized and it’s obvious she was exposed to many different things. She is not skittish in any way, does not react poorly to thunderstorms (if anything, enjoys the rain), hats & sunglasses do not bother her, and even the roomba is exciting! Stella is not a barking dog. She barks some when she gets excited and plays but in general, is not the type of dog your neighbors will hear. It is obvious that Genny does an incredible job with these puppies to get them ready for life in their new homes. If you are looking for a new furry family member, I recommend them without hesitation.

Patricia Spagnoletti Patterson

Betsy Bourque- “Samuel”

We are so thrilled with the EURO GOLDENDOODLE experience. Our teddybear is beautiful. Best yet he is smart and continuing training is much easier then starting from scratch with our last 2 puppies. All the information that came in his puppy pack has helped to answer questions. This family is not just selling puppies it is much more like a calling. We received weekly updated and photos of our chosen pup. I am still able to email,call etc, and will get quick answers. The time spent on just the puppy package lets you know these puppies are loved from day 1.
I have no idea how many hours were spent training but more then any breeder I have met. I just sent an email update Friday as I have not seen my husband and I so happy . Our little guy loves his dad and the feeling is mutual. Yesterday he did errands with his buddy and yes we have dog safety belts.
Yes puppies are a lot of work but totally worth it. Thank you so much Genne and Al.

Betsy Bourque

Sherri Dawson- “Bodhi”

We have had indoor dogs in our home for over twenty years. When we finally decided that we were going to invite a Golden Doodle, Bodhi, into our home, we spent a lot of time and effort searching for the highest quality breeder that we could find.

Euro Golden Doodles has proven to us to be among the best of the best. They give great care and expertise to ensure the purest of bloodlines. Bodhi is F-1B generation (one generation removed from the pure bloodlines). The result is that the dogs have the best combination of physical health and temperament. They are beautiful, healthy, non-shedding, intelligent, and gentle. But the quality only starts there. It is very evident that Al and Genny, the owners of Euro Golden Doodles, treat their dogs as family members. Bodhi had over 300 hours of certified training by the time he arrived in our home. He was crate and kennel trained. He was potty trained, and has not had a single accident inside of our home. He was well on his way with basic obedience training, following both voice and hand signals for many commands. He has been wonderful with everyone who comes to visit (whether children and adults). He sleeps through the night quietly, with no noise.

Al and Genny have continued to be available to answer any additional questions that have come up. They are professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. Our daughter is a veterinary doctor. She has been very impressed with Bodhi’s quality and temperament.

If you are looking for a very high quality Golden, we recommend that you contact Al and Genny. It will be well worth the time spent!

Sherri Dawson

Jonah Dominek- “Rex”

I wanted to thank you for Rex, he is absolutely amazing. Right from day one I could tell I had a well bred, smart, confident puppy. He has exceeded all expectations. Although he is a complete puppy, who likes to be mischievous and get into trouble, he is also very eager to please and wants to learn. I live in an area with lots of doodles, and everyone who sees him, compliments him on how beautiful and confident he is.

Jonah Dominek

Additional Reviews

Noël Genao – “Alfred”

We had a wonderful experience working with Euro GoldenDoodles and picked up our beautiful puppy, Alfred, in January 2018. Alfred is an incredible dog. Now one year old, he is healthy and smart with the sweetest disposition. He loves meeting new people and dogs, and hanging out together as a family. In fact, that is when he is happiest. You can really tell how much effort goes into the entire process of creating and raising these gorgeous puppies.

We elected to have Alfred spend 4 weeks at Puppy Academy and really feel that it made all the difference. When he arrived (12 weeks), he was already familiar with basic commands and walking on a leash. This foundation has only helped us train him further. As I mentioned earlier, he is very smart and picks up commands quickly.

We were in touch with Euro GoldenDoodles during the entire process, getting regular updates and photos before we brought Alfred home and even during the first few weeks after bringing him home (first time dog parents). Genny was always extremely responsive and gave us great tips on how to get him adjusted. I would highly recommend working with this breeder.

Noël Genao

Karen Cooney Springer

I’m a little late leaving a review, as we picked up our now ten month old puppy, four months ago. We had such a great experience with Genny and EuroGoldenDoodles that I can’t leave it left unsaid. From our intial browsing through their website, to picking up our puppy, it couldn’t have been better. Our phone messages/emails were always returned promptly and Genny took the time to listen to what our needs and goals were, and suggested the perfect pup for us.

Our pup began service dog training two months and has breezed through the beginning classes due to the training he received from EuroGoldenDoodles. Everyone he meets is amazed with his calm demeanor and can’t believe a ten month old is so well behaved. When you pick up your puppy, you’re provided with a great amount of info covering everything you need to know about your new pup, his personal schedule, as well as tips and advice for getting him acclimated to his new home and continuing his training.

Genny also spent time with me going through the training commands and practicing working with him before we got on the road to drive home, which was very helpful. I emailed Genny with a question after we had been home with our pup for over a month. Her response time was just as quick as it was when we were initially looking. I’m sure it would be the same any time in the future as well.

Whether our puppy is running around the yard acting like a big goof, or taking his service dog training as serious as any seasoned dog, he has been a great addition to our family. You can’t go wrong with EuroGoldenDoodles and I highly recommend them.

Karen Cooney Springer

Georgia Bolinger

I love my new puppy! He socializes well and is areal cuddles boy!

Georgia Bolinger

Allison Thornton- “Leo”

We’ve had our Leo home now for three weeks. He has been a wonderful extremely loving and smart pup. Leo is a quick learner and it was evident he already had a jumpstart on housebreaking. Most importantly he is great with children and visitors. We love him!

Allison Thornton

Nancy M Parshley- “Oliver”

We just received our bundle of Love Friday night. He is perfect. Genny was amazing throughout the entire process. Oliver sleeps through the night- potty trained- calm – loveable. We have loved our other dogs but Oliver is so wonderful. Madly in Love! I can’t recommend this enough to anyone. We were well prepared and guided through the entire process. Oliver is too good to be true!

Nancy M Parshley

William Strader

Euro Goldendoodles maintains extremely high health and training standards, which produces top quality dogs. Their hard work, along with all of the love which they pour into each and every pup, is evident in every pup they raise. One of the best breeder/trainers in the game today – you can’t go wrong with Euro Goldendoodles!

William Strader

Irene Dishaw- “Jasper”

I have had such a great experience with purchasing a puppy from Euro Goldendoodle! I have never had a breeder that was so informed about the goldendoodle and including me with the progress of Jasper with pictures and weekly updates. I armed with so much info about goldendoodles I feel confident I can continue with training when Jasper comes this Friday. I highly recommend buying a puppy from Euro Goldendoodles!

Irene Dishaw

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