Recommended Items For Your Goldendoodle Puppy

There are many every day items you will need to purchase for your new Goldendoodle puppy. These items will provide a long life of great comfort and beauty that will allow both your puppy and you a more enjoyable time together.

We have compiled a list of some things we recommend you purchase for your Goldendoodle. This list may grow over time. If you need any other recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Health and Food

TLC Whole Life Puppy Food– This is the exact food we feed our pups and something we recommend you buy and use. It is the best dog food we have ever come across. To order please use this link: or call them (877) 328-8400 and make sure you give them our name (Euro Goldendoodle).

A 30 lb bag of TLC Whole Life Puppy Food will last around 5 weeks for 1 puppy or adult so we recommend setting auto-shipping every 4 or 5 weeks. You have the world’s best dog and they deserve the world’s best food. To learn more, visit our TLC Whole Life Puppy and Dog Food Page.

NuVet– We strongly believe that this is an incredibly valuable supplement. No dog food gives the full nutrition needed, and this chewable tablet really helps fill the gap. We give one to your puppy every day and they love it. It’s a treat to them.

You will want to order it right away to ensure you have it by the time you get your dog. NuVet has an ingenious program where they notify the breeder every time one of their clients buys NuVet. It allows us to make sure our buyers are continuing to provide their puppy a healthy diet. We know NuVet isn’t the cure-all, but when our buyers use it we believe they are being careful in every area of their dog’s health and wellbeing.

NuVet is very unique and you buy directly from NuVet. If you would like more information, please visit our NuVet Plus page.

We know NuVet isn’t the cure-all, but when our buyers use it we believe they are being careful in every area of their dog. You can order NuVet directly from them (no middle-man like Petsmart doubling the prices!). They are more expensive but that’s because the ingredients are so good. You can order from them by calling NuVet and giving them our breeder ID#70293.

You could also just click on the following link and it will insert our breeder ID in the order (you will not see our breeder ID anywhere if you click on the link but it does put it in your order for us to see):

NuJoint– NuJoint is made by the same company that makes NuVet. Though it’s not part of our warranty, we highly recommend its usage and give your puppies 1 NuJoint every day.

NuJoint is made for breeds like the Goldendoodles that are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. It has ingredients that help quickly strengthen the bones and joints to minimize the chance even more. Dysplasia is only 50% genetic. The rest is diet and exercise and part of your diet should be NuJoint. When you order your NuVet make sure to add NuJoint to your order. Again, we highly recommend going with Autoship so you don’t ever run out and it saves your 15%. You can order through our NuVet link here:

Treats– Treats should only be given during a training session. It should not be given just because you “love” your puppy! Treats in excess will cause extreme weight gain and would lead to many problems like dysplasia, cancer and heart problems. We do want a treat though that the puppies REALLY love. The more they love it the more they will behave. There are a few treats that we have found that your pups love.

  • TLC Dog Biscuits.
  • Chicken Hotdogs cut up in small sections. You can find this at most grocery stores.
  • American Cheese cut up in small sections.


Kuranda Cot- As you have seen probably in many videos, we use a dog cot for the command “Place.” It’s very handy because they are easy to clean, can get wet and are light and can be taken to various places and moved. The best thing is that they are very hard to destroy. You must buy a Kuranda Dog Bed if you want it to last. We personally own over 20 Kuranda Aluminum Dog Beds for our dogs and they are all lasting. We have groups of pups jumping up and off them and they do their best to chew them, but they do it unsuccessfully. They also come with a 1-year warranty so if they do break or get chewed, Kuranda will replace them. They will also donate 5% of your order to the Canine Warrior Connection if you order with the following link:

Accessories For Your Puppy

Collar– A 12 week old puppy is around 9-12 inches and the average 16 week old pup is around 10-15 inches. They do vary so we recommend if possible buying the collar after you get your puppy home to get the perfect fit. Many times our clients will drop by a pet store and get a perfect sized collar. All of our trained pups do not necessarily need to get a training harness because by the time the pups are 12 weeks old they are good at walking on a leash.

Leash – as you may have read on our website, we use a harness and 6-8 ft lead when we train our young pups. I personally recommend you waiting until you actually get your puppy and immediately take them to a pet store like Petco and Petsmart. Take them in the store and they can help fit your dog for a harness. Harnesses are also hard to learn to put on, tighten, etc. at first. Having a pet associate help you initially will be a great help. Also, your puppy is growing very fast. Every litter is different so there is no real standard size for the pups.

ID– We always recommend going to Petsmart/Petco and getting a plated ID that would connect to your puppy’s collar. He is microchipped but only a vet or animal shelter can read those. You will get a microchip card so you can register his microchip.

Chew Toys– Goldendoodles prefer stuffed animals or something soft to carry around. On the other hand, if they are a “de-stuffer”, then that will not be acceptable. Kongs then would be the best option. Bones are healthy but risky. They can break their teeth on a bone.

Grooming Products

It is important to keep your Goldendoodle properly groomed. You will want to brush your Goldendoodle probably around once a week. They will have shorter coats while they are young, but will get thicker as they grow older. Honestly, there’s not as much work in their coats as you would think. Here are a few products we recommend for the regular grooming of your dog.

  1. Pet Shampoo– We do wash a lot of dogs and puppies and therefore we buy our shampoo in bulk. We do recommend though that you buy a puppy shampoo that is for sensitive skin. Goldendoodles are prone to hotspots and allergies so we recommend getting a higher than average quality pet shampoo. Usually a natural/organic shampoo with oatmeal is sufficient.
  2. A slicker brush and a metal comb is sufficient for most of your brushing. ( –
  3. Nail Clippers– We have used many nail clippers. The best ones we have found to use are “plyer-style” clippers like the one in this link: . You can find them at most places. We don’t like using any other kinds.
  4. To dry your dog– We would recommend using a higher quality dog dryer than a regular hair dryer. It will take you much longer to dry with a regular hair dryer. When you bathe your dog you definitely want to dry them out. If you let them air dry then that will many times cause hot spots as well as getting them to shed slowly in your house. If you brush your dog as you dry them outside then you will get most of their hair. (