Euro Goldendoodles Staff

Euro Goldendoodles is proud to have such an amazing world-class staff. Each staff member is passionate and dedicated to the Goldendoodle breed, and takes a personal approach to the care and training of each puppy, from the time they are born to after they go home. 

To see each staff member’s bio and learn what makes them special, click on the images below.


Trainer/Client Relations Specialist

About Tessa

Tessa is an obedience trainer and customer service representative here at Euro Goldendoodles since March 2023. She began working at Euro Goldendoodles as she was interested in expanding her training techniques and gaining experience with younger pups. SHe has an extensive background in animal care and dog training, and previously worked at a doggy daycare/boarding studio and a board and train company. Her favorite part of working here is training our breeding moms and studs and also learning each individual puppy’s personality and the best way to motivate that pup!


Trainer/Client Relations Specialist

About Tori

Tori is an obedience trainer and customer service representative here at Euro Goldendoodles. She has been working for us since March 2022 and truly loves giving our pups the foundation they need to be wonderful pets. Tori graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2020, where she volunteered with a local service dog organization. This background makes her an excellent resource to our company when it comes to evaluating the potential of our pups to perform service or therapy work once they go home. Tori’s favorite part of working at Euro Goldendoodles is the opportunity to socialize and desensitize the puppies from a young age, providing them their best chance at thriving in the hustle and bustle of the world.


Animal Care Supervisor

About Amber

Amber is our Animal Care Supervisor here at Euro Goldendoodles. She started in March 2019 as a house trainer and animal care attendant and has worked her way up to Animal Care Supervisor over the years. Amber has an extensive background (7 years!) in doggie daycares, boarding, and grooming, and joined our company when she became interested in the breeding world. Amber’s favorite part of her job is watching the babies grow into gorgeous, healthy dogs and helping to provide the best care possible for our breeding moms and studs.


Facility Manager/ Creative Director

About Shelby

Shelby is our Facilities Manager and Creative Director here at Euro Goldendoodles. She started working for us in October 2019 when she was hired on as our photographer/videographer. Shelby graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2019 with a visual communications major and business minor. About 1 year after hire, Shelby was promoted to the facility manager position and now oversees all of our day-to-day operations. A fun fact about Shelby is that she currently owns one of our goldendoodles and is a guardian home for one of our stud dogs, Kaiden! Shelby’s favorite part of her job is the constant presence of puppies to pet and cuddle!