Imported from Romania SPOT LIGHT OF CLEAR PASSION “Koji”

Koji is an absolute gorgeous English Cream Golden Retriever imported in from Romania. He like all our Studs is almost PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to add him into our program. 

  • He has one of the best pedigree we have seen in this country.
  • He has perfect health clearances.
  • He is absolutely stunning and we expect him to produce equally stunning Euro Goldendoodles.
  • And best of all, he is an extremely gentle, loving, and affectionate. He is dependent, calm and loves to be around people Koji is a confident stud. He is definitely one of the best stud dogs in the US today.

Important Information

Koji has passed all of his health testing’s with flying colors. We are so extremely excited to finally add another high quality Stud into our Euro Goldendoodle program.

Koji is triple registered with ACHR (Romania Kennel Club), AKC,  and GANA.

Registered Name:

AKC #: SS06330102
GANA #: GANA-0139242
Date of Birth: January 15, 2018
Country of Origin: Romania
Weight: 64 lbs
Height: 23  inches

Elbows: OFA (Normal)
Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared (GR-EYE16339/10M-VPI )
Heart: OFA Normal 
DM: Clear (Paw Print Genetics 96987)
ICHTHYOSIS: Clear (Paw Print Genetics 96987)
PRA1: Clear (Paw Print Genetics 96987)
PRA2: Clear (Paw Print Genetics 96987)
prcd-PRA: Clear (Paw Print Genetics 96987)

Pedigree And Family

He has one of the most impressive pedigree of any Golden Retriever that we have seen in the world today.

If you study his pedigree you will see multiple  Champions (Standfast Angus winning 3 times), several International Champions & European Champions. He also has several Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Polish, English, Irish, Luxembourg, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Norwegian, and Swedish Champions in his pedigree!

Click here to access the pedigree for Koji.

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