Gunner is our amazing F1 Mini Euro Goldendoodle Stud born from our very own Rosie and  Apollo. Gunner, like all of our studs, is almost PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to add him into our program.

  • Gunner’s personality is dependent, confident, mature, and playful. He loves people and attention and wants nothing more than to crawl into your lap and stare into your soul. He is the epitome of our exceptional training program and a great representative of Euro Goldendoodles.

Important Information

Gunner has passed all of his health tests with flying colors. We are so incredibly excited to add another high-quality Stud into our Euro Goldendoodle program. We cannot wait to meet the adorable Mini Euro Goldendoodle puppies he will help produce!

Gunner is registered with GANA.

Registered Name:

GANA #: GANA-018426
Date of Birth: August 02, 2020
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 18  inches

Elbows: OFA (Normal)
Eyes: CERF/OFA (Normal)
Heart: OFA Normal
Patella: OFA Normal
DM: Clear
PRA1: Clear
PRA2: Clear 
NEwS: Clear 
VwD1: Clear 

Pedigree And Family

Gunner has one of the most impressive pedigree of any Goldendoodle that we have seen in the world today.

If you study her pedigree you will see from his mom Rosie; multiple Champions (Standfast Angus winning 3 times), several International Champions & European Champions. She also also has several Irish, English, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Slovakian, English, Dutch, German and many more country champions in her close pedigree! From  her dad Apollo you’ll notice in his pedigree there are champions from Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Slovenia, France, Russia and even USA!

Click here to access the pedigree for Gunner.

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