Emma – Retired Standard Poodle

Emma personality is very loving, dependent, calm affectionate, and mature. She is dependent meaning she is one of the first to come and last to leave your side. She loves attention and being around people. She wants nothing more than to be curled up in your lap or playing with you. She will go off and explore on occasion, but loves being near her family and people. She is mature because of her emotional intelligence. She is excellent at receiving emotional and social cues! She will apologize if she thinks that he may have played too hard with a sibling or with a person. She has an average energy level meaning that she will love to play and be interactive with the family and other pets but will enjoy a long nap after play time.  She has just been recently retired and spayed from our breeding program. She has been a wonderful mother and is now ready for her new furever home. 



Emma is a beautiful and sweet Standard Poodle that we purchased from an incredible breeder in the US with many Champions in her pedigree.

  • She has near perfect health clearances with OFA equivalent “Excellent hips.”
  • She is fully health tested and comes from a long line of healthy and champion Standard Poodles.
  • Emma personality is very loving, dependent, and calm. As with all of our amazing girls. She is highly intelligent. 
  • She’s exceptionally confident and an amazing mother.

Important Information

Emma has passed all Health tests and comes from a long proven line of healthy and  proven champions. We are very excited to add her to into our program.  She should produce healthy, intelligent, and beautiful F1 and F1B Euro Goldendoodles.

Registered Name:
Princess Emma

AKC #: PR19584703
Date of Birth: November 07, 2016
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 55 lbs
Height: 25 inches

Hips: OFA -Excellent
Elbows: OFA – Normal
Eyes: CERF/OFA Cleared 
Heart: OFA Normal
Complete Canine Genetic Health Panel: Clear/Normal- Embark

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