Ms. Purple- Nova & Enzo Mini F1B Euro Goldendoodle Born Dec. 24, 2022

Ava- (name can be changed)

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Health Info

Ms. Purple is slightly dependent, confident, mature and nice average energy level. She is slightly dependent, meaning she will go explore and play, but will come back often to check in with you and will do her best to keep you in eyesight/earshot. She would prefer to be near her people, but she can be content chewing on a toy or taking a nap nearby. She is confident, meaning she is one of the first pups to explore a new environment or object because she wants to see what exciting things the world has to offer! She will enjoy meeting new people and will be curious about new things. A confident and dependent pup can be easier to train since she is excited to try something new and her favorite person to do that with is you! She is mature because of her emotional intelligence. She is excellent at receiving emotional and social cues and she will even apologize if she thinks she played too hard with a sibling or a person! She has an average energy level, meaning that she will love to have some playtime and interaction with the family and other pets, but she will also take long naps and enjoy some quiet time too. 

Ms. Purple will probably get around 25-35 lbs. 

Projected Coat type: Wavy – Most associated with Euro Goldendoodles

Nova is our new amazing female born from our vary own Olive and  Kai. She is an absolute stunning black F1 Euro Goldendoodle. She like all our girls is  PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to finally add her into our program.  confident, dependent, mature, and playful/outgoing.  She loves people and other pups. She is extremely sweet and loving. She is the epidemy of our great training program and a great representation of Euro Goldendoodles.  Nova has  perfect health clearances (hips, elbows, eyes, heart, VwD, Ne).

Enzo, (Sire) is one of the world’s best Toy Poodles in the country.  He like all our Studs is almost PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to finally add him into our program. He also has perfect health clearances. Enzo’s personality is extremely confident, dependent, and mature. He absolutely adores people, he is so eager to please. He weighs 7lbs .

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Doggy Doctorate


Go-Home Date:
June 24, 2023

Doggy Double Doctorate- 7 Months


Go-Home Date:
July 24, 2023

Doggy Double Doctorate- 8 Months


Go-Home Date:
August 24, 2023

All The Pictures Below Are Of Ms. Purple

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22 Weeks Old

20 Weeks Old

16 Weeks Old

12 Weeks Old

10 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old

1 Week Old

Ms. Purple has two top quality parents in Nova and Enzo. Click on their pictures for more information.