Ms. Peach- Coco & Koji F1 Euro Goldendoodle Born April 05, 2024

Peaches- (name can be changed)

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Ms. Peach is a middle of the road in terms of dependency/maturity, confident, and playful/active puppy! She is middle of the road dependent, meaning this pup is a great balance of happily being with you or alone. She will enjoy cuddling and playing with you and will also be perfectly content playing or napping on her own. She doesn’t have to be stuck to your side like a Velcro dog. She is confident, meaning she is one of the first pups to explore a new environment or object because she wants to see what exciting things the world has to offer! She will enjoy meeting new people and will be curious about new things. A middle of the road mature puppy plays well with others and is good at taking social cues from her peers while maintaining a playful, energetic persona! She is playful, meaning that she will love playing with the family, kids, and/or other pets, and she will love to have “puppy sized” adventures!


Coco is an absolutely gorgeous white Standard Poodle that we purchased from an incredible breeder in the USA. She has an exceptional pedigree and comes from a long line of Champions. She, like all of our Girls, is almost PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to add her to our program. Coco’s personality is dependent, confident, and playful. Coco loves to spend quality time with her family and dog friends and would enjoy nothing more than a day of fun and cuddles! She loves everyone she meets and has a great time showing off her goofy playful side. We are very hopeful she will pass these wonderful traits to her offspring! She is the epitome of our exceptional training program and a great representative of Euro Goldendoodles.


Koji– (Sire) has one of the best pedigrees we have seen in this country. He is absolutely stunning, and we expect him to produce equally stunning Euro Goldendoodles. Best of all, he has an amazing personality! He is dependent, confident, mature, and calm. He absolutely loves attention and wants nothing more than to cuddle up and spend time with his family. He is definitely one of the best stud dogs in the US today

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Canine College


Go-Home Date:
July 26, 2024

Master's Program


Go-Home Date:
August 23, 2024

Doggy Doctorate


Go-Home Date:
October 5, 2024

Doggy Double Doctorate- 7 Months


Go-Home Date:
November 5, 2024

All The Pictures Below Are Of Ms. Peach

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10 Weeks Old

8 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old


Ms. Peach has two top quality parents in Coco and Koji. Click on their pictures for more information.