Mr. Green- Penny & Enzo Mini F1B Euro Goldendoodle Born Dec. 12, 2022

Milo- (name can be changed)

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Health Info

Mr. Green is a slightly independent, middle of the road confident, middle of the road mature, and playful/playful puppy! He is slightly independent meaning he will be happy hanging out in the same room but also content with sitting on his own playing, chewing on a toy or relaxing. He loves people and being around them, but he isn’t overly clingy and clamor to be with you every moment. He has a nice average confidence level meaning that, while not fearful of new people and things, he may have more of a predisposition to take cues from his owner before going to investigate new things instead of forging ahead like a very outgoing dog. For example, you and your pup are walking down the street and encounter another person walking their dog. A more confident pup may be more likely to attempt to greet this new dog without input from their owner. A pup of average confidence would be comfortable encountering this dog but may be more likely to look to its owner for confirmation of whether to approach. A middle of the road mature puppy plays well with others and is good at taking social cues from its peers while maintaining a playful, energetic persona. He is playful meaning that he will love playing with the family, kids, or other pets, and likes to have a “puppy sized” adventure!

Mr. Green will probably get around 25-35 lbs. 

Penny is our new amazing female born from our vary own Emma and  Koji. She is an absolute stunning white F1 Euro Goldendoodle. She like all our girls is  PERFECT in every way. Penny’s personality is dependent, middle of the road confidence, mature, and playful/outgoing. She loves people and attention. She is the epitome of our great training program and a great representation of Euro Goldendoodles. 

Enzo, (Sire) is one of the world’s best Toy Poodles in the country.  He like all our Studs is almost PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to finally add him into our program. He also has perfect health clearances. Enzo’s personality is extremely confident, dependent, and mature. He absolutely adores people, he is so eager to please. He weighs 7lbs .

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Canine College


Go-Home Date:
April 3, 2023

Master's Program


Go-Home Date:
May 1, 2023

Doggy Doctorate


Go-Home Date:
June 12, 2023

Doggy Double Doctorate- 7 Months


Go-Home Date:
July 12, 2023

All The Pictures Below Are Of Mr. Green

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10 Weeks Old

6 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old


Mr. Green has two top quality parents in Penny and Enzo. Click on their pictures for more information.