Mr. Gray- Luna & Kaiden F1BB Euro Goldendoodle Born Apr 29, 2022

Bentley- (name can be changed)

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Bentley is a slightly independent, middle of the road confident, less mature, and active/playful pup. He is slightly independent, meaning he will happily hang out in the same room as you, but he will also be content chewing on a toy or relaxing by himself. Don’t get us wrong, Bentley still loves people and being around them, but he won’t be overly clingy and won’t clamore to be by your side at every moment. Bentley has a nice average confidence level meaning that, while not fearful of new people or things, he will likely look to you for cues before going to investigate new things or meet new people. As a less mature boy, Bentley can take a bit longer to respond appropriately to social/emotional cues. He has retained several puppy-like behaviors despite being an older pup, such as struggling to control his own emotional responses when excited/overstimulated, and can also be vocal in new/stressful situations. Bentley is a playful/active pup and will require an active family to help him burn off some of that energy. Bentley absolutely LOVES fetch and will happily run around your yard fetching a ball for however long you can throw it for him. Since he is a higher energy boy, we recommend that Bentley’s new family either have a large fenced in yard, live on a farm, or frequently adventure out to hike some beautiful, wooded, remote trails. We feel that Bentley will thrive as an only dog in an active family with no children or older children. We do recommend that Bentley goes to an experienced dog owner who is ready to help him burn off his energy each day and also give him the support he needs to continue to grow and mature in his emotional responses to any situation life may throw at him. Bentley has already been neutered and is ready for his new furever home.

Projected Coat type: Curly – Most allergy friendly coat.

Luna is a beautiful White Standard Poodle who is very affectionate, dependent and has a mature temperament. She is highly intelligent, beautiful, and has an outstanding pedigree. She has perfect health clearances (hips, elbows, eyes, heart, VwD, Ne).

Kaiden  is our new amazing Stud born from our vary own Tessa and Tucker. He is an absolute gorgeous F1B Euro Goldendoodle. Kaiden is  PERFECT in every way. We are very excited to finally add him into our program. Kaiden’s personality is  confident, dependent, mature, and very playful.  He loves people and attention. He loves nothing more than to play fetch with you. He is the epitome of our great training program and a great representation of Euro Goldendoodles. 

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Doggy Double Doctorate- 20 Months


Go-Home Date:
December 29, 2023

All The Pictures Below Are Of Mr. Gray

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Mr. Gray has two top quality parents in Luna and Kaiden. Click on their pictures for more information.

If interested please read through this entire page and then fill out our Puppy Application.